Black Panther dominates in the box office


Alex Palacios, Editor-in-Chief

After approximately three weeks in theatres, “Black Panther” has grossed $704 million in the United States alone and is closing in on $1 billion worldwide. Since its release on February 16, the movie has rightfully earned a 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and is continuing to grow in popularity.

The film follows the Marvel character, T’Challa, who returns to his country of Wakanda to be crowned king after the death of his father, King T’Chaka. T’Challa finally takes his place as king and as the Black Panther, but must reason with the dark past of his father’s reign and the responsibility of protecting his people. With the power of the Black Panther at jeopardy, after the arrival of a powerful enemy, T’Challa must fight for his family, his country, and himself.

The “Black Panther” cast has received much love on social media since the film’s release because of the historic cultural significance it conveys. The movie breaks the barriers of race and sex to create an empowering movie that sends a positive message to viewers. “I am so grateful to Marvel because about five years ago,  my son asked me if there were any brown Legos. And I said, ‘Yes there are.’ And I got a Sharpie and I turned Spider-Man brown and I turned the Legos brown and I don’t have to turn them brown anymore,” Sandra Bullock explained to the “Black Panther” cast, backstage at the Oscars.

Although the cast of Black Panther were not up for any awards at the Oscars this year, together they brought the Wakandan style to the red carpet. Actress Lupita Nyong’o who plays Nakia in the film, dazzled in a custom made Versace dress while co-star Danai Gurira walked the carpet with elegance, in a light pink Gabriela Hearst dress. Disney is currently pushing for Black Panther to be considered for nomination in the 2019 Oscars.