Beating the winter blues

Shannon Rosen, Staff Writer

After winter break, it seems hard to catch a break. Stress increases, while the temperature continues to decrease. It can feel like the best thing to do is just curl up and sleep.

Winter can be difficult for most people to combat, but there are a lot of things you can do to lift your spirits and fight off those winter blues.

One way you can beat the winter blues is by eating foods that will make your body happy. Chocolate is good to relieve anxiety and boost up your mood. Try to stay away from carbs, they provide temporary satisfaction and happiness. Ultimately, carbs will make you crash and feel worse.

Another tip for fighting the winter blues is to open your blinds or curtains and sit near a window. You’re in need of more daylight because it gets darker earlier.  It is scientifically proven that doing this can help you beat the blues and boost your mood.

Exercise is another thing you can do to combat your winter blues. Exercise is something most people dread, but afterwards you will feel energized and more awake, not tired and dreary from the weather outside.

Winter is a tough time for everyone being that it gets colder and dark earlier. Following these simple steps can make winter not so tough to battle. It also helps to remember: spring and warm weather are just around the corner!