Rocket Fizz lands in Township

Unique soda and candy shop opens in town


Shannon Rosen, Staff Writer

In May 2015, Rocket Fizz, a soda pop and classic candy shop, opened in Washington Township on Pascack Road. There are 86 Rocket Fizz stores across the nation, the location in Washington Township being one of the most recent to open.

Rocket Fizz was founded in 2007 by Robert Powells and Ryan Morgan. The first store was opened in Camarillo, California in 2009. Rocket Fizz products such as Rocket Fizz brand soda and other merchandise like t-shirts and hats, are only sold in Rocket Fizz stores and are featured on their website, but aren’t available for purchase online. Along with sodas and candy, the store has a lot of gag gifts and vintage concert and movie posters.

In the store, there are 350 different soda flavors including mud pie and rocket fuel. The store also sells unique flavors that are not Rocket Fizz brand. “There are 12,000 bottles in the store, every flavor sells, as well as most of the candy” said Stephen Martino, owner of the Rocket Fizz location in Washington Township.

Rocket Fizz’s variety of soda flavors and candies attract people of all ages. Parents are transported back in time with the familiar candies from their childhood, and children enjoy the different soda flavors and candy they haven’t seen in most other candy shops. Their website says, “Rocket Fizz is a lot of fun and nostalgic”