River Dell/Westwood Swimming so far this season

Harry Vella, Staff Writer

The Westwood swim team is combined with the River Dell swim team and is composed of two sub teams, girls and boys.The swim team is doing well this season, both making it to states.

The Westwood captains for the girl’s team are Sophia Scholes and Delaney Detitta, and the River Dell captains are Julia Lombardi and Daniella Zambrano. The girl’s team has a record of 5 wins and 4 losses. The girl’s swim team has many seniors which contribute a lot to the team. “My teammates are doing very well. We are constantly motivating each other during practice and especially during meets. We all work extremely well together and have a really close bond as a team,” said Sophia Scholes. They have the Bergen Meet of Champions coming up, which is Saturday, January 30.

The Westwood captains for the guys team are Tommy Damato and Aidan Vella, and the River Dell captains are Asher Konigsberg and Kyle Balasny. The boy’s team has a record of two wins and seven losses.

“We do our best every meet, and we really give it all we have at every meet,” said Aidan Vella, one of the Westwood captains of the boy’s team. They are doing better than ever this year, with one of their swimmers, Conrad Hoodie, breaking the school record for the 500 meter freestyle.