Why Valentine’s Day Sucks!


Mia Fazio

Handmade cards, lots of chocolate, pretty flowers, cheesy dates – that time of year is coming up soon. Yep, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day: a celebration of love and affection. Doesn’t that sound like such a great holiday? Nope. Valentine’s Day sucks.

Valentine’s Day is probably the most useless holiday we celebrate in today’s society. When Valentine’s Day started, it celebrated the beginning of spring and paired women with men through a lottery. First of all, spring does not begin until the end of March, so why celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14? Second of all, pairing off women and men through lottery is so 270 A.D. The true meaning of the holiday shifted from what it was back in the day, to becoming a marketed holiday for big businesses. Billions of dollars being wasted on this stupid holiday, and for what? A kiss? There is no point in celebrating such an old and meaningless holiday.

Valentine’s Day is a waste of everyone’s time and money. Some people spend a ridiculous amount of money on presents for a worthless holiday. If you want to buy your S.O. a nice present, why not just spontaneously, or for a birthday? Flowers, chocolate, cards… that’s fine, but the expensive jewelry and cars are a lot. Valentine’s Day is almost like an excuse to buy someone’s love and affection.

People use Valentine’s Day as their reason for showing love, but do you really love someone if you only show it once a year? I just find that so stupid. If you love someone, love them all year round, not just on a random Friday in February. Maybe that’s just me, but I think the holiday is a meaningless excuse for showing affection, when people should just show it on a daily basis.

Valentine’s Day is just used as an excuse to love someone for one day. If you love or care about someone, show it every day through your actions. Valentine’s Day almost gives people a reason to be careless for the rest of the year besides the holiday, and that’s why it sucks.