The importance of voting

A message to those nearing the age of 18

Jaide Hinds-Clarke, Staff Writer



As 17 year olds and 18 year olds (seniors getting ready to end high school), it’s almost time for us to vote. It personally puzzles me how many teenagers my age do not understand the differences between Republicans and Democrats. It is important for our generation to exercise our right to vote. I feel as though many children nowadays piggyback off of the beliefs of their parents or other family members. What they fail to realize is that even though our parents help mold our beliefs and morals – we should also be able to make decisions and construct our own.

Our vote is our voice,  giving us the opportunity to be heard. In the past, voting privileges were not available for everyone. It’s 2016, and anyone can vote, white, black, male, female. Why not?


  1. Because you’re 18. You can vote! Youth votes declined in 2012 to just over 40 percent of eligible voters. Let’s bring the percentage back up!
  2. “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” – Abraham Lincoln
  3. The excitement of casting YOUR vote.
  4. The anticipation of waiting to see who wins.
  5. It’s your right.
  6. Many people fought for your right to vote. Honor the sacrifices others made so that your voice could be heard when theirs wasn’t.
  7. Within the next 4 years, you may be getting a job, owning or renting your own housing, getting married, starting a family, paying for health care, or building a business. The policies you vote for today will have a huge influence on your life after college