Westwood recognizes Week of Respect

Larissa Lamarca, Staff Writer

Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School came together to stop bullying. The week of October 5 kicked off with Blue Shirt Day.

Anti-bullying organization, STOMP Out Bullying has chosen the first Monday of October as the world day to prevent bullying. Students and teachers showed their support to the STOMP Out Bullying by wearing a blue shirt to school.

Tuesday, Peer Pals set up a board at the entrance for students and staff to take a Post-It note from the board with a small message on it. They then could give the note to a person who they feel needs what is written on it to show that they care for them. Furthermore, they are giving morning announcements with a theme of the day in the following order: Respect your peers, respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses, respect learning differences, respect yourself and respect those who look different than you.

On Wednesday, October 7, Westwood hosted motivational speaker Gian Paul Gonzalez. He has “come to talk to our students about the importance of leading a healthy-drug free lifestyle, respecting others, celebrating differences, and putting your ‘all’ into everything you do!” said Margaret Montenare. Likewise all sports captains/representatives from sports teams, VPA and members of the student government, had a separate assembly on leadership.

All week Westwood has found small ways to come together and bring respect into the community.