A farewell to Westwood from the Class of 2019


Claire Podest

Freshman year is a scary concept for incoming eighth graders. Entering a new school and having to adjust to that setting is not easy for young and vulnerable teenagers. After a couple of weeks of getting into the groove of things, it’s almost hard to remember what middle school was like. Freshman year consisted of walking to town almost every day after school, feeling a tiny bit more accepted at pep rallies (due to the fact that we could now sit on bleachers), and trying to pass physics the best that we could. It was not always easy and fun, but there were definitely great memories made.

Next, sophomore year came around. This year everyone started to finally feel like we were not the babies of the school anymore.  Sweet 16’s, winning major titles in sports, and winning the pep rally were all highlights of our sophomore year. During this year, most of us started maturing and realizing that we are no longer children. Some say sophomore year had some of the best teachers, such as history teachers Charles Collis and Keith Deblasio, English teachers Eileen Nagle and Katherine Ondrof, and of course, all the other amazing teachers each and everyone appreciated. 

Junior year was a huge year for our grade. Finally, we were upperclassmen. Although turning 17 usually comes with the excitement of passing your driver’s test, our grade had a bit of a different outcome. Almost ten people failed their drivers test, but don’t worry we all eventually got our licenses. And we can not forget semi! Everyone was so excited for that night, it definitely lived up to the hype. Once junior year was coming to an end, everyone started realizing that it was soon going to be our time to leave, but we still had a year that seemed like would last forever. 

Finally, came senior year. The first day of school felt like it was yesterday. It was our time to be captains on our teams, leave for study hall, and to attend prom. We were the top of the food chain and that feeling was indescribable. We even got to pick what we want to spend a big portion of our life doing, whether it be college, working, or serving in the military. Although everyone was sad the “beginning of the end” was about to start, we knew we had all year to make memories. 

Now, here I am, writing my final article. This year has truly lived up to all of the expectations the previous classes in the years before us have left. We have grown tremendously and are prepared for this next chapter in our lives. We could not have gotten to where we are now by ourselves. It is sad to think that we will no longer walk in these hallways or experience the feeling of seeing a friendly familiar face in class. People may not realize it now, but these are the things that everyone will miss the most.

Westwood’s faculty has shaped us into the young adults we are. There is still so much to learn and experience, but the class of 2019 will take all the lessons learned from this amazing place we got to call home the past four years no matter where we go in life.