The show must go on: Awards shows try to adapt to new way of life


Claudia Rivera

The 2021 awards season is going to be a very different one for music, acting and entertainment. For the few awards shows that we have witnessed going on during the pandemic, they were definitely different and shocking with the way we saw them. For the VMAs (Video Music Awards), AMAs (American Music Awards), the Emmys, and the People’s Choice Awards there was no audience, other than the virtual ones and the very social distanced mask wearing free up in the higher levels at the AMAs. They still had live performers and live presenters though. Celebrities were also there to accept their awards in person. 

The 2021 awards shows will be a very similar set up for now. For the 63rd Grammy Awards in 2021, the CEO of the Recording Academy said in an interview on September 30 that they will not be postponing or changing the date at all and that it will be a fully live show with no pre-recorded segments. He also stated that it will take place at the Staples Center in California in January of 2021 and they are aiming for a limited audience with live performances. He doesn’t know if they will be able to do a limited audience and says it might have to be no audience at all with live performers but is talking to medical experts and their partners to try and figure it out. 

This plan changed as the Grammys have now been moved to March 14. Los Angeles is now a hot-bed of COVID activity and so many of the shows could be affected.

As for the Golden Globes taking place in February, there isn’t much information given about how they will structure the event. The only thing that was said is that it will be a live show and there will be celebrities there, as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are hosting the show. This is the same case for the Oscars which was moved to April of 2021 due to the pandemic. No other information was given based on whether audiences would be allowed but they did say it will be airing live and not pre-recorded, which usually indicates that there will be celebrities there to accept and hand out awards.

So far there is a pretty big list for the upcoming awards shows that are scheduled to take place in 2021 but like the case with most of them, there is no set plan for how these awards shows will take place. Most of them will be live and at a set venue with celebrities there but most are unsure whether an audience of people will be doable at the time or not. Most are playing it by ear, watching how the pandemic goes, and consulting with medical officials about the future. They will all pretty much look the same as every other year, just with masks, and no audience to cheer on presenters, winners, or performers.