Fashion musts for Fall of 2015

Nicole Netzer, Staff Writer

So far this fall has not been consistent with cold weather. It is hot one week and the next week people are breaking out their winter jackets. We are all hopeful that once we switch our closets from tanks and shorts to flannels and cozy sweaters the weather will get a little chilly and we will be able to enjoy the fall weather.

The newest fashion piece this fall is a button up skit. Yup, those were a thing and now they are coming back! Only this time they are made of more materials like suede and come in burgundy and shades of brown. These skirts are super easy to wear alone with big comfy sweaters and knee high boots. For when it gets a little colder outside these skirts will look great with tights and boots along with a long sleeve shirt and heavy jacket.

Socks and sandals may not be everyone’s first choice but it is definitely a fashion risk that a lot of people are taking, especially with Birkenstocks. Grabbing a thick, warm pair of socks and a pair of Birkenstocks will be a risk but guaranteed to be super comfortable and easy to throw on. These are most popular to be worn with jeans and big sweaters!

A fall favorite that carries over each year and always a must have is dark lipstick! Whether you are more of a purple person or beautiful in browns, dark lipstick adds a fall touch to any outfit. Lipstick does not have to only be worn to special events! Where it to a coffee date with a friend or to school to pull your outfit together!

A favorite purple of mine that is cheap at the drugstore is NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Copenhagen.

Another must have for your closet is oversized sweaters and some comfy flannels. Although flannels can be super expensive in stores, they are so easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores! You can find them cheap and a lot comfier than ones you buy in the store. You know when you break your favorite sweatshirt in or a new pair of pants and you are finally comfortable in them? You can get that satisfaction right away with finding flannels and sweaters at thrift stores. Oversized sweaters can be found cheap at Forever 21 or H&M and are great for layering when it gets cold outside.