“A Few Good Men” Review


Maggie Minas

Westwood Regional Jr. /Sr. High School’s Woodington Players kicked off their season with the play “A Few Good Men.” This production included a total of 25 cast members with Seniors Daniel Robertson and Sean O’Rourke, and Junior Emma Schoales as the lead roles.

“A Few Good Men” was chosen this year because in the past the majority of the plays were comedies; this play, however, was much more emotional and sincere. Director and producer of the show, Donna Bialkin, said, “‘Few Good Men’ was very challenging, and not easy to direct, but what helped was everyone’s passion in the play and how attached they became reading the scripts.”

Bialkin also mentioned the rather large amount of boys who auditioned for the play. As a side note to choosing this type of play, she describes the cast as being “a strong group of boys.” She wanted to take advantage of the large group of male cast members by purposing a drama rather than a comedy.

The busiest night was Saturday night with almost 300 people in the audience. There were also military service men who attended the play that were family friends of one of the cast members. The military service men were also saluted by the cast members in the end.

Overall, the preparation of “A Few Good Men” took nine weeks. Tyiana Nunez, manager of props said, “It took a lot of hard work. We lost a lot of great seniors so it was hectic at times to organize and build everything. However in the end it all worked out to be a successful play.”

Schoales said, “This play was different. It was much more emotional learning the lines to and it was not easy, but at the same time all the hard work paid off in the end.”