Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Who’s in the Box?”


Nicole Scordo, Entertainment Editor

Since the end of October, Pretty Little Liars has left fans in a state of confusion and shock (to be fair, every episode leaves fans confused). The second half of season four aired Jan. 7 with the opening episode, “Who’s in the Box?” It didn’t reveal many clues but did shed some light on what’s in store for the rest of the season.

The episode begins with Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria trying to understand how their friend Alison (also referred to as Ali) has actually been alive for the past two years. Despite the seemingly happy news, the girls are not thrilled with the fact that Ali is alive and grow suspicious that she has been playing a game with them all along.

The next day the girls head to the mausoleum where Ali was buried (…or not buried?) So leads to the question, exactly who is buried in Ali’s grave? Can you spot the origin of the title? Hanna and the girls decide to look up other cases of missing girls around the same time of Ali’s disappearance.

A week later, Emily heads to the DiLaurentis house and questions Mrs. Dilaurentis about where Ali’s brother, Jason, has been all this time. She tells Emily that he is traveling and will be in contact, but no one is holding their breath for that to happen.

When Hanna tries to research missing girls, she overhears a conversation with her mom and a failed attempt at getting a job. After being released from prison, Ashley hasn’t been able to get a job; however, later in the episode Mrs. DiLaurentis offers Ashley a job at her restate office… strange?

Flash to the first scene of the girls in school, which only lasts about three seconds. Once the class is over however, Mr. Fitz asks Aria to stick around. He apologizes for recent events regarding his “son,” Malcolm, and asks Aria to give him another chance. Though we don’t see her answer, given their history we can assume it was at least a maybe.

In the meantime, Hanna sets up a meeting with friends of a girl similar to Ali. Then of course A lets the girls know they are not really alone. A tells the girls that the race is on to find Ali.

Toby realizes that the Radley workers know what really happened to his mother. Spencer wonders why people would cover up an accident with a suicide and the duo tries to find the C.E.O. of the health care company keeping the people in Radley quiet. Spencer acts like a total bad ass and told the C.E.O. of the company that if she won’t pay any attention to them based on the information they have, the internet “will have a field day with it.“

Caleb makes a quick appearance after his departure from Rosewood to Ravenswood (The P.L.L. spinoff). Notably, Caleb and Hanna officially break-up, leading to what we know will be a sobby, messy Hanna for the next few episodes.

Emily and Hanna met with Sara’s friend. They express that when she was missing it was the center of the group. Sara also brought the girls together. Just like Ali did with the four girls. The friend’s tell Emily and Hanna that she was last seen the day after Labor Day. Though all signs lead to Sara, Hanna realizes that she is not the girl in the ground, because Ali was buried the day before Labor Day. They later get more information about Sara and just how similar she and Ali are.

Ezra and Mona are next shown having quite a confusing conversation. Mona believes that Ezra is hiding his true self from people around him based on a reading list, but he doesn’t admit anything. The conversation ends with the viewers in the dark and Ezra looking high and mighty.

Aria and Ezra find themselves in a remote cabin Ezra spends time writing in. They share conversation and even a kiss. But things got creepy when Ezra stared at a door on the floor. (Wonder who or what is down there).

In the end of the episode, the girls read Ali’s old diary that Hanna has stolen. A mystery figure heads into the door of Ezra’s cabin, leaving the audience on edge about both events. Tune in to next weeks’ review to find out what happens, and watch Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family Tuesdays at 8 P.M.