Westwood’s Ugly Sweater Competition: December 21

Rebecca Fasano, Sports Editor

The Holiday Season is in full swing now that we have already celebrated Thanksgiving and Hanukah.  But with Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner, the parties and celebrations continue!  Of course there is no better way to look festive than by wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.

Lucky enough for Westwood High School, the administration and students are encouraged to show off their best ugly sweater they own this Friday, Dec. 21, right before Christmas break!  Don’t be afraid to add some fun accessories like reindeer ears, or a Christmas light necklace.

Ugly sweater Christmas parties are popular traditions held throughout the holiday season.  While the typical fashionable sweaters for the winter might include a warm color contrast, with a simple knitted pattern, a Christmas sweater should be the complete opposite.

Although this may seem to be a fashion malfunction, there is no shame in wearing these festive sweaters out during this time of the year.  Whether the sweaters consist of Santas, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, or Christmas trees, they are considered to be socially acceptable throughout the month of December.