Horror Movie Month Filled with New and Classic Films

Kirstyn Brendlen , Hard News Editor

AMC hosted a classic horror movie marathon this month, beginning on Oct. 13 and ending Oct. 31. During the month they showed about nine movies a day, often beginning in the middle of the night and continuing all day. The first day was a marathon of AMC’s hit series, “The Walking Dead,” based on the graphic novels of the same title. Earlier in the month, the movies “Motel Hell,” “Friday the 13th” and “Child’s Play” were shown, and upcoming movies include the classic Stephen King films “Cujo,” “Christine” and “Pet Cemetery.” Also included will be cult classic “Jeepers Creepers.”

Those who are easily scared might want to avoid the Stephen King films; “Pet Cemetery” features a pet graveyard built on top of an Indian burial ground that reanimates dead pets, which is used by a character to bury their son, who follows the example set by the pets and comes back to life as a violent shell of himself. “Christine,” a 1983 film about a possessed car who kills several people during the film, is famous for a scene in which the flaming car runs over a boy, killing him and leaving his burning body in the road. “Cujo” is about a family dog who contracts rabies and attacks several people, however it is more predictable than and not as supernatural as the other King films.

The original “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th” are also not recommended for those who scare easily—“Halloween” is the story of an institutionalized murderer chasing a young girl and her friends, and “Friday the 13th” chronicles the experiences of people trying to open a summer camp and get chased by the infamous, hockey-mask wearing, Jason Voorhees.

Some of the films, including “Motel Hell,” are comedy horrors, and others, such as “Jeepers Creepers,” are famous for their cheap scares and cult-followings. All in all, AMC provides a mix of classic horror films sure to provide real fear and laughs, mixed in with some plugs for AMC’s successful TV series.