Important Things to Remember When Applying to College


Brianna Botten , Opinions Editor

The start of senior year has not been easy. Preparing for college with all the last-minute GPA boosters, schedule changes and college meetings can be a bit stressful, and we have only just started. Getting ready for college is a hair-pulling, over-eating, ugly-crying time–or maybe that’s just me.

Almost every senior has plans to go to college next fall, but everyone has different priorities for college. Some students have applied to colleges, others are already accepted, while some are still getting their recommendations written. Trying to figure out the next step is hard. The nerve-wracking feeling of sending in an application and waiting to hear if you’re accepted or denied can be frustrating. You have your own mindset about what you want to do and where you want to go, but parents may think differently.

Looking for a local college is ideal for some of the senior class and their parents, while others are looking to go far.  Money can be a big factor in deciding on the right school for many students. Colleges, especially out of state, can end up being very expensive. Whether or not to stay in-state, live at college or commute can also be considerations.  Choosing a community college can also be an option for those looking to spend less money on their first two years of higher education.

So what’s a senior to do?  During this overwhelming time, remember to not let all this stress get the best of you. Make sure to always stay on top of your to-do list: ask your guidance counselors the questions you have, do not hold back. Get all of your forms filled out as soon as possible, which ideally would be two weeks before the deadline. Do not wait until then if you have a choice, though. Fill out and turn in all your applications and forms as early as possible. Once accepted, make a “pro and con” list to help with deciding where you want to commit.  If you do all this, you’ll actually get to enjoy your senior year as well.  Make sure you go to all the activities, pep rallies, sports games, and plays as you possibly can; it will be over before you know it!