New Year’s Resolutions: How to actually keep them

New Years Resolutions: How to actually keep them

Brianna Commerford

It is officially 2016: the year of graduation for the seniors, and a year of new beginnings for many others. As the New Year commences, many resolutions have been made. Forty five percent of Americans make resolutions.  Among the most popular of these resolutions are losing weight, getting organized, spending less and saving more, staying fit, and quitting smoking.

According to statistics from and, most people stay committed to their New Year’s resolution for less than a few weeks, nonetheless the entire year. Seventy one percent of people forget about their resolution by the second week of January. Sixty four percent forget about it by the fourth week. Only 8 percent of Americans actually follow through with their resolution for the entire year. Why? The real is question is not what is your New Year’s resolution; the question is, how will you keep it?

For certain students at Westwood High School, staying committed to their resolution is of great importance. Senior Melissa Carmilani has made the New Year’s resolution to be healthier. In order to maintain this resolution, Carmilani says, “I have always exercised. But I am really focusing on eating healthy by making things like fruit smoothies and eating less junk food.”

There are a variety of ways in which Westwood students can stay committed to their resolutions. Of course staying focused, thinking positive, and resisting the urge to give in are among the most obvious. However, there are many more ways to stay committed.

First, make sure the resolution is realistic. Second, go in as a group. According to success coach Amy Applebaum in an article for Shape, “If you are someone who has a higher success rate when you have outside support, then get a buddy. This creates accountability, which is essential for success.” Third, recognize time management. Often, people make resolutions that they do not realize require lots of time. Make sure that you break up your resolution into intervals in order to stay committed. With these steps followed, it is bound to be a fantastic new year filled with followed-through, committed and successful resolutions!