7 Steps to Survive Senior Year


Nicole Netzer, Staff Writer

  1. Make Lists!– There is a lot going on your senior year. In order to keep everything straight and make sure you are meeting your deadlines, make lists of the things that you need to do in order of importance. Make sure to include deadlines, locations, or people you need to involve in each part of your list. That way it is all written down in the same place. Lists will save you from missing out on things and making mistakes.
  2. Don’t Let Senioritis Hit You Too Early– Although it may seem like you could start to slack off, you shouldn’t just yet! Make sure to do all homework assignments, get college stuff done and manage your time well. You shouldn’t give up! The year will go faster than you think and you will be walking out on the football field sooner than later.
  3. Don’t Eat Out Everyday– Senior privileges may seem like an awesome thing to have, but once it hits your wallet, it isn’t so awesome anymore. Eating out everyday for lunch and grabbing a coffee once or twice a day during study hall will kill your wallet. Instead, head home three times a week and make a sandwich at home or heat up some leftovers to keep some money in your pocket.
  4. Utilize Your Study Hall– Not everyday is meant for coffee runs and bagel shop stops, even though it is incredibly easy to think that with a senior study hall. Work a little more on your essay or get math homework done in your study hall. Study for a test even if you think you already know all the information, a little more time spent on school work will not hurt and it will save money.
  5. Get College Stuff Out of the Way– Thanksgiving break will come up quick and that is a deadline for a lot of colleges. Make sure you start to fill out applications as soon as possible! Also, you shouldn’t wait until last minute to ask your teachers for recommendation letters! They are just as busy as you are!
  6. Attend School Events– Attending the school pep rallies, football and basketball games and all of the school dances will make your senior year ten times more enjoyable. Making memories with your friends the last year you have to spend with them is super important because you are going to take the memories with you for the rest of your life.

7. Make the Most of Your Time With Your Friends– You have just about ten months to make the greatest memories possible with the people that you have spent the last twelve years with. Make sure to make time for them, don’t hold grudges and be the happiest senior you can be around them because your time is short!