Meet the Principal

Larissa Lamarca, Staff Writer

In September of 2015, Frank Connelly started his job as principal of Westwood Jr./Sr. High School. With changes to the front of the school to changes with testing, Connelly enters the school aiming for top education for all students.

As a citizen in Township of Washington for 16 years and having also being employed by the district for 11 years, Connelly is a proud principal. Connelly said, “I have always considered myself to be approachable and easy to talk to with an open door policy for students.”

With Connelly as head of the high school, the next few years are expected to bring many positive changes.  His ultimate goal is “to make sure students are getting the best education possible” said Connelly. He is hoping to make sure all of the students are ready to excel in what they do and would like Westwood to teach students the 21st century skills required for their futures. He aims for students to bring their success to the community, workforce and the even to the global society.

Currently the High School Revitalization is working to improve many departments of the school. These include: “elective offerings, facility updates, technology, and option two policy,” Connelly said. They are also working to Evaluate the current curriculum to make sure the needs of every student is met. The overall goal is to have the curriculum to offer a top notch education. The school strives for “Excellence in Education” and wants to ensure “each student has a memorable educational experience,” said Connelly.

He believes that with the staff, students, parents and the whole Westwood High School community coming together this goal can be met. Connelly is extremely proud of the accomplishments of the school and is hoping to bring many more positive years.