More than Pumpkin Spice Lattes

A fall fun activity guide


Delaney DeTitta, Editor in Chief

Fall is upon us and another summer has come to an end, leaving some students bitter and others excited for the start of the cold weather. With the autumn months comes a colorful scene outside; leaves change from green to a mixture of bright colors in a matter of weeks. Luckily, there are a lot of fun activities to do during this season, so the transition into the school year won’t be a miserable one.

A popular place to go for lunch during the fall is Demarest Farms. Located in Hillsdale, Demarest Farms sells a variety of fall treats including donuts, candy apples, and apple cider. It’s also a popular place to go pumpkin picking and apple picking if you don’t want to drive too far and are looking to enjoy fresh picked apples and pumpkins to carve.

Halloween is also something to look forward to as soon as fall starts; not just because of the candy and the costumes, but also the many things that go on in preparation for the scary holiday. If you like scary movies, ABC family offers movie marathons, as well as many other channels. This is the time of year where classic disney movies like, Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus, play over and over again- so you’re bound to watch them at least twice before Halloween rolls around.

An activity that you have to do before Halloween is go to a Haunted House. There are a good number of haunted houses and haunted mazes that are fairly close by. Bring a group of friends to Brighton Asylum in Passaic. Considered the best and scariest in New Jersey, this haunted attraction is a perfect place to go out on a Friday or Saturday night.

Six Flags Fright Fest is another thing to look forward to that goes on from September 21 through November 1. Although a little more expensive than other activities, this event is perfect for people who love roller coasters and getting scared. The park provides a good amount of scary entertainment, plus, you get to enjoy the many rides Six Flags offers.