10 signs that you have senioritis

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10 signs that you have senioritis

Julianna Lamparillo, Editor in Chief

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1. You wake up and press “snooze” at least three times.

early bed

2. You leave your house at 7:59 am, almost every morning.


3. Every single lunch period is a constant debate on whether or not to go back to school. 


4. Homework isn’t even an option to you anymore.

i tried to care

5. The nurse is your best friend.


6. You don’t bring books to class anymore. Your only tool is a pencil.


7. The circle is your new parking spot.


8. Having a strict substitute doesn’t stop you from anything.


9. You take off more mental health days than sick days. bueller

10. Graduation can’t come any sooner for you.


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