Cardinal Pride Day


Brianna Commerford, Sports Editor

On the last day of spirit week, Cardinal Pride was running high through the hallways. Students were encouraged to wear as much Westwood attire as they could–and that they did! The school was flooded with red, black, and white. Cardinal logos, sports designs, and Westwood words were seen on nearly every student whether it be on their tee shirts, shorts, headbands, or even mid-calves!

It was a great way to end spirit week, following Preppy Day, College Day, Alzheimer’s Awareness Day, and Class Color Day.  Students felt that by showing their cardinal pride on the last day of the week, it was the best way to feel united as a school.

Junior Allie Becker stood proud in her red basketball tee shirt and shorts, and said, “Cardinal Pride day is my favorite day of spirit week, I look forward to it every year. I love feeling the spirit of our school.”