College Day


Juli Lamparillo, Editor in Chief

Today, April 14, was the second day of Spirit Week for Westwood High School, known as College Day. Students wore attire from colleges they are hoping to attend to, or just so happen to have as a spare t-shirt in their house. Many students and teachers participated in today’s theme. It was especially interesting for the seniors because each student got to show pride for the college that they recently got accepted ¬†into. College day is perfect for this time of the year, as seniors can get into the groove of repping the college they are ¬†planning to go to.



Megan O’Keefe, Emily Molk, and Emily Siok

Chloe Dolan, Kerri Marano, Gabriella LoPresti, and Sara Bayles


Sydney Watson, Amy Heussinger, Rachel Steinberg, Patrick Ferner, Catherine Clinton, Shannon Hull, Matthew Untalan, Veronica Hernandez, Laura Bonerbo, Christopher Contreras, Elise Miguel, and Noreen Ahmed