Best Dressed of 2015


Nicole Netzer

Each school year, not a day goes by where seniors Ian Marini and Erin O’Sullivan aren’t looking their best. Marini is most often found looking sophisticated in a button up shirt with a pair of khakis and boat shoes or oxfords. Not far behind Marini in the halls, you’ll find O’Sullivan looking classy in a dress with a chunky necklace, high socks or tights and knee-high boots.

Annually, the senior class votes for a series of superlatives including most artistic, most athletic, and best dressed. This year’s class voted for Marini and O’Sullivan for the best dressed category. Marini said, “I felt very honored to be nominated and seen by my friends as best dressed. I enjoy looking sharp and dressing up.”

O’Sullivan also had something to say about winning the title. “It makes me happy that other people like how I dress,” she said. She says she considers this to be a huge compliment.

Everyone has their own style, whether they follow the latest trends or wear sweats and a t-shirt everyday. Marini said he would describe his style as unique and creative. “I tend to create my own sense of style such as cuffing the bottoms of my pants or wearing colorful, bold socks.”

While keeping up with the latest trends, a few of Marini’s favorite stores to shop at are Men’s Warehouse, Urban Outfitters and JCrew. His favorite articles of clothing are long button up shirts, suspenders, and bowties. As for O’Sullivan, she says that her favorite store is JCrew. “I could buy everything from there. They have perfect clothing for every season.”

Throughout the school year, students go through just about all four seasons. O’Sullivan said her favorite season to dress for is spring. “I love to wear colorful pants and dresses. It’s perfect because you don’t have to worry about being too hot or too cold,” she said. When it comes to fashion, Marini said his favorite season is winter. “I enjoy winter because of all of the sweaters, pants, coats, scarves, boots, etc. There are so many opportunities for different outfits for the wintertime.”

A lot of people have that go-to shirt or pair of jeans that they could wear multiple times a week. For O’Sullivan, her go-to article of clothing is a collared shirt. “They can really dress an outfit up and make it look fancy.” Along with a collared shirt, O’Sullivan always tops off every outfit with a statement piece of jewelry. She considers her style to be very preppy.

Marini and O’Sullivan have been friends for years. They both enjoy looking their absolute best. Marini said he would describe it as an artsy passion shared between the two of them. “He always looks put together no matter what he wears,” said O’Sullivan regarding Marini’s trendy style. “I love how he can pull of oxfords with whatever he’s wearing. It makes any outfit look very classy.”

Next fall, Marini will be attending Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (LIM), a fashion school located in New York City. Marini said he is very excited to be attending the school for fashion and plans on advancing his fashion sense as well as becoming a fashion designer under the designer name Ian Tyler.IMG_6167