100 Wins for Coach Collis


Corinne Schenone, Opinions Editor

“We preach three qualities: hard work, commitment, and teamwork.  Holding the girls accountable to these qualities has been a key factor in the success of the program,” says Charles Collis, head coach of the Westwood Girls Varsity Basketball Team. Collis loves his position on the team because every day he has the chance to help shape the future of these athletes. However, Collis also admits that the girls he coaches have impacted him in more ways than one.

Being the coach of such a successful team is already an honor; being able to celebrate wins several times a week is something that never gets old. On Tuesday, February 7, the Westwood Girls Basketball Team had more than just a league title to celebrate. Collis’ preexisting honor only grew as he celebrated his 100th win as coach. Senior basketball player Olivia Cassidy says, “That night, it seemed he was more proud of us than himself. He cares so much about the team. He was very humble about it all, but you could tell he was so happy.”

Cassidy also says that the Westwood Girls Basketball Team would not be what they are without Coach Collis. She says, “The relationship the entire team has with each other – we are like a family.” At the end of the game, the Westwood Girls Basketball Team, along with Collis’ family, gathered with posters and pictures in celebration of his 100th win.