Fantasy Football Recap: Week 5

Fantasy Football Recap: Week 5

Harry Vella , Managing Editor

QB: This week’s top performer at the quarterback position was Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans. He had a breakout performance, compared to the past four weeks. For the first four weeks he performed sub par, only getting 16.74 points for week one, 16.62 points week two, 4.76 points week three, and 8.08 points in week four. This week he broke his streak of an unsatisfactory amount of points, by getting 30.52 points this week. He reached this amount of points by throwing for 163 yards against the Miami Dolphin’s defense. These 163 passing yards included three touchdown passes. He also rushed for 60 yards and one rushing touchdown. It looks as though this week was a fluke/lucky week, but it may very well be the start of a breakout season. He is certainly someone to keep an eye out as week six approaches.


RB: This week’s top performer for the running back position was David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals. This week is not a surprise from this player. He has put up a good amount of points in the first four weeks. For the first week he had 19.20 fantasy points, for the second week he had 14.30 points, in the third week he had a solid 23.10 points, and last week in week four he had 10.40 points. Although the first four weeks were good for Johnson, this week was amazing, he put up a whopping 30.50 points, which is a lot for a running back. This week Johnson ran for 157 yards, and of these 157 rushing yards two touchdowns were scored. He also caught for 28 receiving yards. Johnson is undoubtedly on someone in your leagues team, but he is definitely worth trading for.


WR: The top receiver of week five was Sammie Coates of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Coates had a big game against the New York Jets’ defense. This week was Coates’ best week so far. He only got 5.60 points in week one, 10.30 points in week two, 5.00 points in week three, and 7.80 points in week four. Despite doing so poorly in the first four weeks, Coates came up big with a total of 25.90 fantasy points this week. These points came from 139 receiving yards, and two touchdown catches. Although he performed badly in the first four weeks, Coates is still a player to watch for the upcoming weeks.


TE: This week’s top tight end was Martellus Bennett of the New England Patriots. Bennett had a huge part in the win against the Cleveland Browns. Bennett has been spotty in the first four weeks, only getting 1.40 points in week one, then coming back and getting 17.40 points in week two, followed by only 1.60 points in week three, and in week four he got 10.90. This week was Bennett’s best week, with him getting 24.70 fantasy points. He achieved these points from 67 receiving yards, but most of the points came from his three receiving touchdowns. Even though Bennett is hit or miss, he is still a good player to have on your fantasy team.


K: This week’s best kicker was Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts. Vinatieri has been doing well this season for the Colts. He had 11.00 points in the first week, 10.00 points in the second week, 8.00 points in the third week, and 11.00 in the fourth week. This week however was his best, he got 21.00 points against the Chicago Bears. In this game he had a total of two extra points, one field goal from 20-29 yards out, two field goals from 40-49 yards out, and two field goals from 50 plus yards out. He is a reliable kicker for those looking to trade or pick up a good kicker.


DEF: This week’s best defense  was the Buffalo Bills’ defense. The Bills’ defense led them to a 30-19 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. The Bills have been doing well this season on defense, with 10.00 points in week one, 5.00 points in week two, 22.00 points in week three, and 15.00 points in week four. This week the Bills came up big with a solid 17.00 fantasy points. Against the Rams, the Bills had four sacks, two interceptions, one fumble recovery, one touchdown, and only 19 points allowed. If the Bills are not already picked up, they would make a great addition to anyone’s team, who are looking for a solid defense.