Fantasy Football Overview Week 3


Harry Vella , Sports Editor


  1. Trevor Siemian of the Denver Broncos had a really big game in the win against the Cincinnati Bengals this week. This has been biggest breakthrough so far. In week one and two, he put up less than 13 fantasy points. This past week puts him on top with a total of 28.98 fantasy points. He threw for a total of 312 passing yards against Cincinnati’s defense, including 4 passing touchdowns. He also rushed for five yards in the game, and threw no interceptions. This week might be a fluke compared to his previous two weeks, but Siemian might be a player to keep an eye on. It might be worthwhile to pick him up as a backup quarterback
  2. Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions played well against the Greenbay Packers, despite the 34-27 loss. He put up a big 26.10 points in week one, but fell short in week two, with 16.50 points. He came back in week three, with a whopping 27.50 points. In this challenging game, he threw for 385 passing yards, while only throwing 1 interception. He rushed for only 11 yards, but threw for 4 touchdowns. He is a reliable quarterback for anyone looking for one who might not be picked up.
  3. Aaron Rodgers had a great win against the Detroit Lions this week. This veteran quarterback did what he does best and threw 4 touchdowns. He had a total of 205 passing yards and threw no interceptions. For week one and two he did well, putting up 23.56 points and 18.42 points. This week he came out big with a total of 26.40 points. He also ran for 22 yards in the game. There is nothing new here; he is a great quarterback, with a lot of experience. Points like these should be expected from him a lot this season.



  1. Tevin Coleman played a good game against the New Orlean Saints on Monday. Compared to his first two weeks, putting up 11.70 points and 13.10 points. He had a breakout performance during this week, with a total of 26.90 points. He put up these points despite only rushing for 42 yards, and receiving for 47 yards. His points came from his 3 rushing touchdowns, which got him 18 points alone. He is a good short yardage runner, which the Falcons have recognized, putting him in when they need to punch the ball into the end zone. He is a good running back to have; he consistently puts up more points than predicted.
  2. Devonta Freeman had an amazing game, finishing with .20 less than his teammate Tevin Coleman. He and his teammate were the power duo in a great win against the New Orlean Saints. This game was big for Freeman because for week one and two he put up less than 10 points. This week he put up 26.70 points, which is a result of his 152 rushing yards. He also had 55 receiving yards, and 1 receiving touchdown. Although he had a rough two weeks to start, this week looks to be his turning point. If Freeman is on your team, this week would be the week to play, coming off a fantastic win like this.
  3. Carlos Hyde played well against the Seattle Seahawks, despite San Francisco losing the game. Hyde had a great first week, with 21.30 points, which looked to be a fluke due to a 3.20 points his second week. This week, however he proved that the 3.20 points were the fluke, coming up with 24.50 points this week. He rushed for 103 yards and received for 2 against the challenging Seattle defense.  He ran for 2 touchdowns, and a two point conversion. Hyde is a great player who shows a lot of promise for this 2016/2017 season.



  1. Marvin Jones had a great game against the Green Bay Packers, despite the one touchdown loss. He is improving each week, although next week will be hard due to his phenomenal score this week. This improvement is shown with his increasing number from week one through week three. He got 8.50 points in week one, 11.80 points in week two, and an amazing 32.50 points this week. He achieved these points by receiving for 205 yards. His two receiving touchdowns also contributed to the 32.50 points this week. Based on his improvement, I would say that Jones should be in your lineup going into week four.
  2. Terrelle Pryor had a very multitalented week against the Miami Dolphins, despite the 30-24 loss. He played all the major positions this week, quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. At quarterback he only had 35 passing yards. At running back, he had 21 rushing yards, and one rushing touchdown. At his main position, wide receiver, he had 144 receiving yards. This week is the outlier for him so far; he only put up 6.80 points and 3.20 points, for his first two weeks. This week, however he put up 23.90 fantasy points against the Dolphins. This is a player I would look for on the waiver wire, just in case your wide receivers aren’t performing.
  3. Emmanuel Sanders played a big role in Denver’s win over Cincinnati. This week has been the breakout week for Sanders with a total of 23.70 fantasy points. This is big compared to the 4.90 points that he put up in week one, and the 3.90 points that he put up in week two. He had a total of 117 receiving yards this week, with a total of two receiving touchdowns. This could be the turning point in Sanders season, so look out for him to have big games during this season.



  1. Zach Miller played the best out of any tight ends this week. Even though the Chicago Bears lost to the Dallas Cowboys 31-17 Zach Miller still had a great game. This week was big for Miller, because in his previous two weeks he put up 1.40 and 3.30. This week he put up 19.80, which is a great fantasy score for a tight end. He got these points by receiving for 78 yards, and two receiving touchdowns. Will this week be a one hit wonder for Miller, or will he put up big points next week, it’s hard to tell.
  2. Coby Fleener put up some big points in the New Orlean loss to the Atlanta Falcons.  This was Fleeners week; he put up 16.90 total fantasy points. This was huge compared to his two previous weeks, he only put up .60 points in week one and 2.90 points in week two. His points came from the 109 receiving yards he had against the Falcons. He also had a receiving touchdown, which added to his 16.90 points. This week was also big because in week one and week two he put up less points than he was predicted to. This week shows that he can put up way more than is predicted. He may become a breakout player, and he is definitely someone to look out for.


  1. Cameron Brate played really well in Tampa Bay’s close loss to the Los Angeles Rams. He didn’t do much in the first two weeks, putting up less than predicted with 3.00 his first week and 1.60 his second week. This week he put over 3 times what he was predicted, putting up 16.60 points. Although he only had 46 receiving yards, he caught two touchdowns, which gave him a huge boost in points. Cameron Brate has shown that he can be a playmaker this week at tight end, he is a player that can put up points if you are in need of a tight end.



  1. Dustin Hopkins has had a solid three weeks so far. He contributed to the Redskins win against the Giants this week. He has consistently put up more points than predicted in the first three weeks. He put up 11.00 for weeks one and two, and this week he put up 19.00. He made two extra points, one field goal from 20-29 yards away, two field goals from 30-39 yards away, and two field goals from 40-49 yards away. This is a kicker that if not on anyone’s team, you should pick him up. He has had three consistently good weeks in a row, with more to come.
  2. Justin Tucker put up a solid 17.00 points this week in fantasy. This is his second week in a row that he has put over 5.00 points over what he is predicted to, putting up 15.00 points in week two. He made one extra point, one field goal between 30-39 yards away, two field goals from 40-49 yards away, and a long field goal from 50 plus yards away. His performance contributed to Baltimore’s 2 point win against Jacksonville. He is a good kicker, and is someone who could make your lineup much better.
  3. Steven Hauschka had a great game, and contributed a lot to the Seahawks blowout against San Francisco. This week is the first week so far that Hauschka has put up more points than was predicted. He only put up 6.00 points in week one and 3.00 points in week two. This week he came out with a nice 13.00 points. These points were the result of four extra points, one field goal between 20-29 yards away, and two field goals between 30-39 yards away. He looks to be improving, and might be a big player this year.



  1. Kansas City Chiefs’ defense was the big story in the blowout against the New York Jets. This is the first big week the Chiefs defense has had since the beginning of the season, and it paid off for them, with a final score of 24-3. The Chiefs defense had a total of 35.00 points this week. They had no sacks, a whopping 6 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, 2 touchdowns, and only 3 points allowed. This defense hasn’t played that well so far, but this week they showed that they can step it up and win games for their team.
  2. Minnesota Vikings came out big with a surprising win against the Panthers. This team has put up more points than predicted for all three weeks, putting up 21.00 points in week one, 12.00 points in week two, and 26.00 points in week three. This week the Vikings had 8 sacks, 3 interceptions, 1 safety, 1 touchdown, and only let up 10 points in the game. This team has a solid defense, it would be no surprise if they continue to play lockdown defense throughout the whole season.
  3. Buffalo Bills played a great game against the Cardinals, for a 33-18 win. They had a good first week putting up 10.00, but a not so hot second week with 5.00 points. This week they came in third with a total of 22.00 points. These points are a result of 5 sacks, 4 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered, 1 touchdown, and only 16 points allowed against them. This team isn’t predicted to have a great season, but this week has shown that might not be the case.