Athlete of The Week awarded to Jaide Hinds-Clarke


Andrea Zamora, Staff Writer

Jaide Hinds-Clarke, 17, Senior at Westwood Jr./Sr. High School was named Athlete of the Week, after scoring her personal 1,000 points.

Hinds-Clarke began her basketball career playing organized basketball in sixth grade. Her hopes to one day become Athlete of the Week began during her sophomore year of High School. Clarke was surprised when she was nominated as Athlete of the Week; she won against other great players in the county, who were also nominated.

“I was always one of the tallest kids growing up and my mom asked me if wanted to do a sport. She also asked me if I wanted to model. She did not pressure me like most parents do, so basically I made my own decision to play basketball,” said Hinds-Clarke.

During her basketball career, Hinds-Clarke had a setback that she proudly overcame. Her freshman year she attended Saddle River Day School, then sophomore year returned to Westwood.  Hinds-Clarke had to sit out for 30 days due to the switch. She could not play until January 18, which was just about the middle of the season. She says it killed her to sit out and not be able to play, but with her teammates support, she got through the rough time on the sideline.

Hinds-Clarke is heading to the University of Richmond next year where she will study accounting and journalism as well as play basketball for the Spiders. Hinds-Clarke will be leaving school on June 18, to begin her training and will return for graduation and will continue training during the summer.

Hinds-Clarke’s goal for college is to gain substantial playing time. After college she has no desire to play in the WNBA, but would like to play overseas for a European team.