Cross Country team soars this season

Harry Vella, Staff Writer

The Westwood Cross Country team is excelling this year. The team is improving on an individual level, and made real headway at the Brett Taylor Invitational meet.

Coach Daniel Rattacasa said, “Most of the runners ran their personal bests.” Although there are no designated captains, Thomas Andriopoulos, a runner on the team said, “We have looked to Kristopher Bieri and Jake DiCuffa for guidance and support.”

“The team is going to do well this year,” Bieri said, “I think there will be lots of personal records broken and we’ll give it our best shot.” At the rate that the individuals on the team are improving, they should be placing soon, especially with the help of coaches Daniel Rattacasa and George Glover.

The cross country meets consist of two 1.5 mile races, each for Freshmen girls and Freshman boys. There are also four 3.1 mile races, each for the Junior Varsity and Varsity boys and girls. The boy stand out runners to look for this year are Jake DiCuffa, Kristopher Bieri, and Daniel Kazlau. Annaliese Jarski, Ashley Grob, Emma Ohlstein, and Ally DiCuffa are the key runners on the girls’ team this year.