Despite Loss, Girl’s Basketball Finishes Strong

Despite Loss, Girls Basketball Finishes Strong

Rebecca Fasano, Sports Editor

This winter season, the girls’ basketball team had people talking.  They started off their preseason with intense conditioning and team bonding, which lead them to their new record of 15 wins.  It did not take long until the ladies Cardinal basketball team was making headlines and gaining more respect and appreciation from their fellow peers.

The new girls’ basketball coach, Charles Collis, took the initiative to make this team the best it could be.  He was aware of the talent and skill that each individual had and made sure to use the right coaching technique in order to lead these girls to the success they were capable of.

As for all sports this year, Westwood High School had changed divisions.  This meant that Westwood would be playing schools that were larger than us as well as more challenging, including Ramsey, Mahwah, Packsack Hills, and River Dell.  Collis stayed optimistic and decided to he wanted to revamp the girls’ basketball team as best as he could.

Alexis Brown, who has played basketball for Westwood since freshmen year, stated that the girls have tripled their wins since she was a freshman. She said, “It feels good that I can be a part of the history that the girls’ basketball team has made this year.  Collis was always optimistic and constantly praised us for the effort we would leave on the court.  It was a nice change from losing.”

This week the girls faced their first state game in thirteen years.  They were seeded fourteenth while the opposing team, Newton, was seeded fifth.  Newton was predicted to get the win for the first state game on Monday.  The girls cardinal team went there with high hopes and determination to make sure their season didn’t end just yet…and that’s exactly what they did. With a final of score of 45-41, the cardinals took the win and left Newton High School with excitement.

“It was so awesome to walk back into our gym during the boys’ basketball game and see people clap for our win.  It goes to show how people genuinely appreciated all the hard work and dedication we have put into this season” says Brown. She explains that she is upset to leave this team her senior year now that they have finally peaked.  But she adds that no one can take away from her all good times basketball has brought for her this season as well as the success and goals they have reached.

Although the season did end after the girl’s second state game against Kittatinny, they girls ended their season more than satisfied.  Unfortunately, seniors Danielle Laquidara and Alexis Brown do have to turn in their jerseys for good, but the girls’ team still has many talented players to fill their shoes next year such as Jess Potestivo, Emily Molk, and Noel Kobin.  The girls wish to be just as successful next year and plan on reaching bigger goals.