Opinion: Americans must continue to take Covid-19 seriously


Sophie Piccinich, Staff Writer

Although lots of people around the world are slowly forgetting about COVID-19 or not taking it seriously anymore, it is still not something to brush off. Just because almost two years have passed, does not mean it can go away overnight. With that being said, there are those few people who don’t wear masks when they are told to or completely forgot about a worldwide pandemic that has killed and infected many people. It might not be only the people who refuse to wear masks that are the problem, but also the people who decided to block out a pandemic that is still going on to this day. The same ones complaining about COVID are the ones who refuse to follow any restrictions put into play. 

Most Americans are doing their part to try and stop the spread of the virus. Most are really trying to help by doing what they are told to do. We do not hear as much on the news about covid as we used to when the outbreak first started. Some families don’t even think it’s there anymore, which is not the case. It’s not fair to the Americans who are trying their best to slow down the spread and get back to normal life a little sooner. 83% of Americans wear masks but that other part of Americans are no help. Until they have a bad experience with COVID, whether it is them or a family member, then they don’t fully understand the dangers of it. 

Although the covid vaccine is optional, it is another step closer to normal life. Obviously, no one wants COVID to still be a thing and in the perfect world, it wouldn’t be. Since this is reality, the vaccine is something else to help prevent infection with the virus which in the long run, can make the pandemic come to an end. But you always have those few people who are stubborn and will never choose to get vaccinated. This is not totally a bad thing but like said previously, these are the same people wishing for life to be normal again but won’t do anything to help. When people mention that they don’t want that “stuff” in their bodies, they clearly don’t understand the time, work, and effort put into these shots. Of course the vaccine would never be handed out if it was something dangerous or has never been tested before/put through labs. These are just excuses as to why some won’t get it. The vaccine is an effective way to help out the world and get things done.

 Masks quickly became another issue during the pandemic. Social workers and first responders probably would do anything besides wear a mask for 12 hours straight, but they do and they would never not. These workers are out here risking their lives and their own health, but then some people won’t even wear a mask properly when they are told to or even at all. No one is asking them to wear a mask for 12 hours (unless they have too), and they can’t even wear one for 30 minutes. We know that these workers picked their jobs, but no one predicted a virus was going to go around, and someone has to help others if no one is going to do it. Masks can’t get rid of COVID in a whole but it sure can help better with the spread. You can be food shopping and have COVID without even realizing it, and then you are infecting other people around you not knowing what their health conditions are, or even the health conditions of the people in their homes. Everyone always gets the “if you’re scared then stay home,” but you can’t hibernate when you have places to go like work and need to survive. 

In all, most people are considerate, but there are always going to be the few that aren’t, and you will see that everywhere. As we work together with the world to get back to normal, families/individuals all over are doing their best to calm it down as much as they can. As we go into 2022 in about two months, we can see the progress everyone has made to get back to normal life. With those who have done their part, it is sure to be working and we can always count on those people who are looking out for the world and others.