Review: Sogno Cafe Brings Parisian Flavor to Westwood

Review: Sogno Cafe Brings Parisian Flavor to Westwood

Julia Ennis, Managing Editor

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee!

In American culture, drinking coffee has become so much less of an experience and so much more a part of our rushed, desensitized daily lives. We pick up a Starbucks on the way to school, or a Dunkin on the way home from practice or work. But can our paper travel cups and their disposable plastic tops do coffee justice?

I recently had the pleasure of eating lunch at Westwood’s new Sogno Cafe. The second my mocha was placed in front of me—in a real teacup and saucer—I was hooked.

It looked like something I would pin on Pinterest. But once I found the strength to ruin the beautiful foam, I realized that it tasted just as good as it looked. I like my mochas like Goldie Locks likes her porridge—juuuuust right. Not too much chocolate, but not too much coffee either. This mocha met my high standards.

A major part of Sogno’s appeal is the European-style barista feel. Not only is the coffee roasted in-store, but its tiny, artfully decorated interior could easily be transplanted into a Parisian side street.

The other part of the appeal is the crepés. Sogno’s menu includes a unique selection of both sweet and savory crepés, some craftily named after local streets. I indulged in the savory Broadway crepé (named after Sogno’s home avenue), which included prosciutto de parma, mozzarella, sundries tomatoes, and basil in a balsamic vinegar dressing. It was delicious, to say the least. With so many ingredients stuffed a thin crepé, I expected one to overpower the others. However, everything was prepared in a way evident of time and planning.

My only complaint is that there was too much of everything in the general sense—I could barely finish half of the dish before I was too full. I wish they had half-sized crepés, for those of us who are not starving when we come in.

Now, Cardinal Chronicle readers, do not get me wrong. I will continue to drink coffee during rush hour, English class, and babysitting sessions, when I am way too busy to actually enjoy it. But I look forward to my next real cup of coffee, in an adorable café, completely immersed in the experience—which, most definitely, will have to happen soon. Like, tomorrow soon.