Art class MET trip


Larissa Lamarca, Senior Editor

On February 1, Westwood students who are members of Art Club, National Art Honors Society, and AP and honors art classes, spent the day in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The trip included access to all the art, with a lunch in the museum. Approximately 30 students participated. The main focus was on observing the art in the different sections of the museum, and then trying out some of the mediums and art styles they saw in the museum upon their return to class.

Student Emily Marchesani said the highlight of the trip, “Was seeing the variety of art.” Marchesani says the abstract art section was her favorite. She said, “What inspired me was seeing artworks that were in the same mediums I use.”  She enjoyed looking for new mediums which interested her, so that now she can incorporate and try them with her art style.

School trips such as this one encourage students to connect with what they are learning and enthusiastic about in school, and the world around them. The image in this article is also from a student, Chris Moreno, who is looking to pursue a career in Photography.