Extreme Makeover: Westwood High School Edition

Delaney DeTitta, Editor in Chief

During the summer of 2015, Westwood High School got a whole new look. Construction on the school began as soon as school got out, which was the reason for the last day of school being earlier than years past. Everything was pushed back because construction was set to begin right away; prom was earlier than usual, as well as finals. The last day of school was a testing day, which has not been the case in a while.

Throughout the summer, the entire front of the school was lacking a wall and windows, revealing many of the classrooms on the inside. Emma Scholes, senior, drove by the school almost every day on her way to work. “I noticed that the construction on the school didn’t seem like it was getting done very fast. For the longest time you could still see inside the classrooms from across the street,” Scholes said.

Frank Connelly, Principal at Westwood Regional High School noted that he wasn’t entirely sure if the construction was going to be finished in time for the new school year. “It was making me nervous all summer,” he said. “The construction was basically finished right up to the wire; the construction crew and custodians worked long hours to make sure it was ready by the first day of school.”

Senior at Westwood, Melissa Rissetto said, “I was expecting to have air conditioning throughout the school on the first day. I was disappointed when all the classrooms were stuffy and hot.” The main focus of the building at the moment is the heating system. The warmer days have come to a close and colder weather will soon begin, which is why the air isn’t a big concern right now. The heating system is said to be completed within the next couple of weeks.

Blinds for the windows are also said to be installed as well as possible landscaping upgrades. “I’m very pleased with the outcome of the school, that part of the school was the oldest,” says Connelly, “we’re always looking to upgrade but right now we’re in pretty good shape.”