“Criminal Minds” or Westwood students?

Forensics students study and sketch crime scenes


Maggie Minas, Staff Writer

It’s usually around this time of the year where all houses are decorated in spirit of Halloween. However, it’s not just the houses this year that are getting into the Halloween spirit, so is Westwood High School. The time has come for the annual Crime Scene Management Project led by Forensics teacher, Mr Piscadlo.


This Crime Scene is set up in the courtyard of the high school and is laid out like how any crime scene would look like. Mr. Piscadlo puts out a plastic dummy, sneakers, telephone poll, and other items that complete the scene. Mr. Piscadlo says, “This project teaches the students how to create a police file and gives them an idea of what an actual crime scene is like.”


The students are broken up into groups and are given an individual task they must complete according to the crime scene. These jobs include: photographer, evidence finder, and note taker. The jobs simulate what is actually done to analyze a crime scene in real life.
Mr. Piscadlo describes how last year he also incorporated a fake bullet case to make the scene even more realistic. This project is always an all time favorite in Forensics class; so if you look out into the courtyard this week and see a fake dead body, you’ll know it is the Crime Scene Management Project.