School Pep Rally

Delaney DeTitta

On Monday October 3rd, students left their last period class to attend the first pep rally of the school year. Each grade filed in to their assigned section ready to get pumped up for the events to come. The pep rally started off with the captains of each fall sport recognizing their seniors and talking briefly about their season. JV and varsity cheerleading performed their routines as well as the marching band and color guard. There were also several competitions between grades getting ready for the “battle of the classes” later that night. This included a scavenger hunt and a human pyramid. The seniors dominated in the scavenger hunt, but the juniors brought big completion with the human pyramid.

The teachers played a big part in the pep rally as well. A group of teachers participated in a baby bottle water chugging contest. Our principal, Dr. Cascone, proudly won by a long shot (and made it clear by triumphantly slamming the bottle onto the ground).  That wasn’t all; the teachers had a big surprise up their sleeve that had the students cheering. “My favorite part of the pep rally was definitely when the teachers surprised us with their dance,” said junior Jaide Clarke. “They were all out of their comfort zones to perform for us, which was funny to watch.” The teachers ran onto the gymnasium floor and danced to Taylor Swift’s single, “Shake It Off.” They stole the show with their original dance/flash mob. This was undoubtedly a big hit among all grades.