Class Color Day

Maggie Minas, Staff Writer

As spirit week comes to an end we look forward to one of the most exciting days…class color day! Each grade has their own class t-shirts: eighth graders have purple, Freshman have yellow, Sophomores have green, Juniors have blue, and Seniors have red.

This day is one of the most exciting days because each class shirt is unique in its own way. The eighth graders’ t-shirts make them a part of the high school with their clever phrase, “We’re cards too,” as they prepare for the next four exciting years to come.

The freshmen t-shirts make funny remarks as well, saying, “We’re fresher than subway.” As for the sophomores, they added a little bit of competition on their shirts by saying, “We’re soph,” on the front, and, “You’re soft” on the back. The juniors’ t-shirts are very unique because they each are personalized in their own ways with a nickname or last name of each of the students in the grade.

Then comes the class t-shirt we’ve all been waiting for…the seniors class t-shirts. With a fiery red color and a personalized quote as the class of 2015 unites, seniors wear these t-shirts with pride as they come to their final year in their high school career.

Class t-shirt day really excited the Westwood Cardinals as they battle off in the classes for pints and prepare them for the night to come at the school pep rally. Class t-shirt day is one of the most memorable days and once again has left its mark in the fall pep rally of 2014.