Senior Year: A Year To Be Remembered

Ashley Puk, Features Editor

Senior year is more than half way over for those at Westwood High School and it has just begun to see the slew of events organized by the senior class advisors, Eileen Nagle and Elizabeth Farrell.

The class of 2014 has already experienced their snow tubing event at Campgaw mountain, but there are several more to go.

Snow tubing was considered a success by Farrell, who said “I think it went pretty well. There weren’t too many students that went but the ones that did seemed to have a very good time.” Snow tubing was cancelled for last year’s seniors due to weather issues.

Senior bowling happened on Friday, March 7 where seniors arrived at the bowling alley at 11 P.M. to bowl against their classmates for a couple hours.

For bowling, Farrell’s forecast was more promising, “We have at least 70 or 80 students going. Usually it’s a much bigger event. Students don’t like to hang outside when it’s cold. Bowling’s a big one.”

Closer to the end of the year seniors will experience what all Westwood seniors have: prom and graduation in June. These two culmination events are rights of passage for all seniors and signify the end of their high school careers.

The advisers also follow in tradition by organizing a senior field day in May where students are grouped together on teams based on what elementary school they attended. The day is filled with events reminiscent of field days they experienced in those elementary schools.

Last year, Farrell and Nagle organized a night where they ordered pizza and invited seniors to sign each other’s yearbooks, which they want to do again this year.

Farrell said, “We try to pick things we think they would enjoy so you have a good senior year experience.”

Though many of these events are traditions, some are a result of Farrell and Nagle’s collaboration. “One thing Nagle started when she first did senior class was field day. That’s something students said they enjoyed in elementary school. We brought back hall decorating but that was all of the classes, including Student Council.”

Current senior Melissa Bui offered her opinion on the event she most anticipated, “I’m most excited for senior bowling. My friends told me about it last year and they all said how it was so much more fun than they expected so I’m hoping for the same this year. A lot of my friends are going and it sounds like a good time.”

Nataly Brown, who was a senior last year and experienced all these events, said, “My favorite event was field day. It brought back old school memories and it was an extreme bonding experience with those from our elementary schools.”

Another former senior, Leslie Delgado agreed, “We got free food, a day off from school, and to reunite with the people we went to elementary school with.”

In the end, Farrell said, “It’s bittersweet [to see students leave.] It’s a an exciting thing to see students move on to bigger, maybe better, things.”