Halloween Recap


For the first time in two years, Westwood has finally had a Halloween. At Westwood High School, there was an incredible amount of school spirit as the majority of the school put their best costumes on. The day was full of excitement and fun. Even the teachers dressed up in their costumes to join in on the school spirit. A group of teachers dressed up as the contestants from the old Nickelodeon game show “Legends of the Hidden Temple” while many of the administrators and guidance department dressed as Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” with shark heads and day-of-the-week t-shirts.

There were a few students, however, who went above and beyond. Seniors Greg Smith and Kyle Marshall dressed accurately as teachers Mr. Conrad and Mr. Izzo. Smith possessed all of the qualities Conrad has, including his famous hair-do and a turtleneck sweater. Marshall wore the exact same outfit Izzo had on that day, and he even gave himself the same beard. It was a great return to Halloween for Westwood.