Fall Pep Rally Kicks off Spirit Week

Allison Bilodeau , News Editor

Friday, Oct. 25 Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School hosted its annual in-school fall pep rally featuring the fall sports teams as well as to raising school spirit and unity.

Every year Student Council holds Spirit Week led by advisors Casey Kauffman and Nicole Sigona.  This year spirit week consists of seven days and started off with the in-school pep rally last period on Friday, Oct. 25.  Hosted by Casey Trovini and JP Giordano, with music featured by the marching band, the pep rally kept an upbeat and exciting mood as it featured events and school pride.  As usual, the fall team captains introduced their sports teams.

However, this was more than just a sports pep rally; it was a time to show school spirit.  The cheerleaders, both varsity and junior varsity, presented the school with talented and technical dances.  As the varsity cheerleaders faced technical difficulties with their music, the marching band, as well as the students, helped encourage the mood to have the cheerleaders complete their routine.

Teacher Ryan McGuirk was chosen in the sophomore class fundraiser to dress in a cheerleading uniform along with his signature tie.  McGuirk then successfully demonstrated a routine with the entire cheerleading squad.

The students were given a taste of the night pep rally for Monday, Nov 4. as there was a sneak peek, with a scavenger hunt.  Given objects to find such as mascara tubes, spoons, scripts for the play, and flip phones, seniors came out on top winning their first event and therefore gaining one hundred points towards the spirit week point totals.

To finish off the pep rally Dr. Scott Cascone, Westwood High School Principal, handed out an iPod Touch to Slater Brown as he won the raffle for participating in HSPA practice classes.

This event was a great way to kick off Spirit Week 2013.