College decisions are coming: How to decide

College decisions are coming: How to decide

Salma Tamayo

College decision day takes place May 1, and in some aspects, it is considered one of the most important moments in a student’s education. However, college decision has never been an easy thing, especially when you know that this school is what will kickstart your adulthood, your career, and your future. For some students, college decision is a no-brainer: some people know what school they want to go to or what career path to take. There are students that don’t really know where they want to go, or what career to even consider attempting. The first step to the rest of your life is a scary step, whether you feel confident about the choices you’re making for your future or not. 

In making this decision, students face so many choices: if it’s worth going far or near home, if it’s worth going to a prestigious school that doesn’t have a strong program of your choice or go to a less competitive school with a phenomenal program of your interest. If it’s better becoming a lawyer because your father or mother has done it and they’re not as supportive of you going to art school. And when the time has come, memories and thoughts fill up your mind, as maybe you start to realize that this is it. All the hard work, the ups, and downs, the mistakes and lessons that come after it, all lead to the moment you decide what you want to do. 

In the end, trust your gut and the feeling that lingers when you hear the question, “What do want to do?” Take a moment to really think about what truly makes you happy. So when it is time to make your college decision, you’ll know what the best decision is for you. This decision should not be about your parents, your friends, or your family. It shouldn’t be about what people might think of you and your choices. It is best to keep the heart and soul happy for the things you love.

Be mindful of the debt you’ll be in as well as what kinds of opportunities such as internships or extracurriculars and clubs.  It’s important to consider these things as they can really assist in meeting new people and making connections in the career of your choice. 

Another thing to really consider is if the school is a great environment. Try imagining yourself being this particular school and maybe try revisiting the school, too.  Is it diverse and open-minded as you would like? Make sure the environment is a space you would like to get involved in. Some students prefer smaller classes and quiet time while others wouldn’t mind larger classes and to be in a more sociable environment. Think about what you want your experience to be.

Whatever it is you want from your future college, make sure it fits your expectations. Even though it might seem intimidating, talk to the admissions counselors for any questions or concerns. It is best to ask now than regret later. 

Some people have started running in the marathon while others are still tying their shoes, and that’s perfectly okay. Everyone goes at their own speed. So don’t fret over this decision and don’t overthink every decision you make once you leave high school. Make mistakes and create experiences, because, isn’t that what life is all about?