Things to be Happy About!

Things have been tough in the world this week, so the Journalism II/III classes wanted to reminded of just a few things to be happy about:

  1. Spirit Week
  2. Getting tickets to a concert
  3. JBieb’s new album
  4. Adele’s new album
  5. When Swiss Lariss brings Swiss chocolate
  6. When you’re already signed into a computer
  7. Coffee
  8. New Hunger Games movie
  9. Shopping
  10. Classes with friends
  11. Relatable teachers
  12. New outfits
  13. Binge watching Netflix
  14. Good 1st marking period grades
  15. Thanksgiving break
  16. When you know you’re going to have a great lunch
  17. Weekends
  18. Cheese
  19. When you find a piece of gum in your bag
  20. When practice gets cancelled
  21. When it (finally) snows
  22. When the nurse is super nice
  23. Last period phys ed
  24. A night with nothing to do but relax
  25. New pair of sneakers
  26. Siging in the car
  27. Knowing all your college application stuff is done
  28. Having a sub
  29. Half apps
  30. Fresh air
  31. Heat on, windows open
  32. Naps
  33. Getting into bed after a long day
  34. Enough time for Dunkin in the morning
  35. When someone brings you a coffee unexpectedly
  36. Not hitting the train
  37. Non-spitting rain
  38. Milkshakes
  39. Making someone laugh really hard
  40. Late night food runs
  41. Mac-n-cheese bites
  42. Sun on your skin
  43. Sales!
  44. Passing your driver’s test
  45. Making new friends
  46. WHS inside jokes (Cogdill doesn’t believe in Santa!)
  47. When you’re out and your favorite song comes on
  48. Doing something to help someone else in need
  49. Getting a college acceptance letter
  50. Repeats of your favorite shows
  51. Best friends
  52. These videos of Justin Beiber:
  53. Cats with human mouths: