Westwood holds half-day of school for MLK Day

Delaney DeTitta

         This year, Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be celebrated on January 19 and unlike past years, will be spent in school.  Although it will only be a half day, it has often been a day off in previous years for the students of Westwood Regional Jr./Sr.  High School; so why is this year different? 

                “There was an effort to end the school year as early as possible as a large construction project on the front of the school is scheduled to commence and be completed this summer,” says Dr. Scott Cascone, Principal at Westwood High School. This construction is supposed to take place early on, so the school can’t afford to have too many days off. 

                The state requirement for school days is 180; it is a law that every public school in New Jersey must complete this many days of school. Conveniently, half days count as a full day of school, so we are able to get an extra day in where there usually isn’t. This way, the requirement is fulfilled and the construction project can be started so it doesn’t interfere with the start of the upcoming school year. Even though Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not usually spent in school, it will still give us a part of the day to honor and remember Martin Luther King Jr.

                Martin Luther King Jr. is someone who means a lot to a great amount of people. “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message is as true today as it was then. We must find peaceful ways to resolve our differences and ensure that all people have equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and aspirations,” says Cascone.  In school or out of school, this day should be spent honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.