Mr. Westwood: Preview

Delaney DeTitta, Staff Writer

Get ready Cardinals because Mr. Westwood is coming back!  A pageant-like competition for male students, Mr. Westwood is taking place on Thursday, April 3rd and is being held in the Campbell Auditorium.

Mrs. Sigona, a Spanish teacher at Westwood High school is in charge of this event, along with Mrs. Kauffman.  “Mr. Westwood was a very popular event, lots of fun, and a big fundraiser.” Sigona said after being asked why Mr. Westwood is being brought back, “Also Westwood has a lot of big personality and many boys who were interested in competing.”

Mr. Westwood contains 3 categories; formal wear, talent, and beach wear.  Make sure you’re all set to see your classmates rocking a swimsuit and a tux!  There are about 10 participants in this event and after everyone has presented their own unique flair, 3 finalists are chosen and interviewed by the MC.  Finally, a panel of judges determines the winner or “Mr. Westwood”.  Former Mr. Westwood winners include; Kyle Scatliffe, who is now making his Broadway debut in the production of Les Miserables, Max Padula, Westwood athlete and Sergeant Chris Hrbek, a local town hero who lost his life fighting for our country. Upcoming participant, Sean O’Rourke, says, “I’m doing Mr. Westwood because it sounded like a lot of fun, I enjoy performing in front of people and I take every opportunity to do so, it helps with my self-esteem,”

Senior, Alex Ruiz talks about his preparation for the upcoming event, he says, “I’m doing Mr. Westwood because it seems like a fun experience. I’m preparing by going tuxedo shopping at Formals Only with my girlfriend and practicing my routine everyday.”

Mr. Westwood has been a popular event for many years prior and is making a comeback so be sure to clear your schedules for this entertaining occasion!