Holiday Gift Guide

Dana Klarer , Senior Editor/Copy Editor

Do you ever find yourself wandering around the mall aimlessly in search to find a holiday gift for friends and/or family members?  Do you ever feel as though there is no hope in ever finding the right gift?  If so, you are in luck.  This holiday gift guide is meant to help relieve any holiday stress and confusion in order to find the right gift for any holiday, whether it be Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanza!

HDMX JAM Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Due to the ever-changing, tech-savvy society, one of the most obvious gift choices is a form of technology.  While the word, “expensive” always comes to mind when thinking about technology, accessories for phones, iPods, and computers are the perfect items to decorate tech-savvy items in an inexpensive manner.  One of the most popular accessories that can accompany any Apple Inc. product, mp3 player, or smart phone is portable speakers.  Although some speakers can be very expensive, many companies and stores have come up with small and colorful portable speakers that can be used for any occasion. is selling HDMX JAM Bluetooth Wireless Speakers for only $38.99, which are convenient, technologically advanced, and cheap! These speakers come in an assortment of fun colors, such as apple, apricot, strawberry, and more.

Pinball Magic Accessory


Since the release of the iPhone 4, the advanced Apple Smartphone has been popular and common amongst teenagers and adults.  A crucial accessory for the iPhone, no matter which version it may be, is the case.  Stores and websites such as, Apple,, Nordstrom, Free People, and many others contain thousands of different trendy styles for a reasonable price.  The Discovery Channel Store is selling a Pinball game to cover the IPhone or IPod, and serves as your very own (miniature) arcade game, for only $39.95.

Whether it is an animal case, fashion case, protective case, designer case, or a bumper, one simply cannot gowrong with purchasing your recipient a new case (as long as they have an IPhone!)


Animal Iphone Cases

If you are looking to splurge on a technology accessory, Brookstone offers many new gadgets that can accompany an Apple product.  For $99, one of their newest products includes a virtual keyboard, where a wireless keychain projects a laser keyboard onto any flat surface to hook up to any Apple accessory.

Other electronic accessories can be found at Bestbuy,, Brookestone, and various other stores.

Philosophy Holiday Gift Set

If you are not looking for a technology-related gift, there are many other products that can be given as presents for the holiday season.  Candy gift-baskets can be given to people of any age, and can be found at local stores such as Conrad’s Confectionary and any local supermarket.  Items such as candles and soaps are perfect gifts for adults and teachers, which can be found at Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, and Sephora.  Additional interesting gifts can be found online at various websites such as Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret, both of which have their own tab for holiday gifts. Lastly, if no items seem to fit your needs, the timeless VISA gift card is a simple yet convenient gift; one cannot go wrong with giving out money.

Just remember, the holidays are meant to represent a time of cheer and happiness—do not stress about the small factors, such as finding the perfect holiday gift.  Any gift is meaningful, as long as you take the time to think about the person you are buying for.