Book Review: They Both Die at the End


Christina Lopez, Staff Writer

In the alternate universe of “They Both Die at the End” by Adam Silvera, Mateo and Rufus get a call from Death Cast which informs them that within the next 24 hours they will come face to face with an unknown death. Through an app, Mateo and Rufus become friends and are determined to live their last hours together; Mateo will try stepping out of his comfort zone and Rufus, who has been going through a difficult time, will try setting things right.  Throughout their last day, their blossoming friendship eventually turns into something more, unfortunately, they realize that they don’t have much time left together so they try to make the most of their last hours. 

The title of the book, “They Both Die at the End,” spoils the ending which is unusual for a book to do. The readers expect the characters to die but throughout the book, they can also expect a heart-rending and moving adventure. The book reminds its readers that they have to live everyday like it’s their last or else they never truly lived: “It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live”. The book includes several different perspectives of other characters that are dying on the same day as well. The readers learn about how their deaths will affect everyone around them and open their eyes about how everyone is connected in a certain way: “Deirdre reaches deep within herself, far past the place where lies and hopelessness come easily, and even beneath the very honest truth where she’s okay with the impacting the relief that comes with flying off this roof. She sees two boys living and this makes her feel less dead inside”. The two boys help Deirdre live another day and even though they’ll never know, they saved her life making them connected in some way. 

“They Both Die at the End” is definitely one of my favorite books. It’s quite difficult to put down once you pick it up for the first time. The ending could be something that can turn people away since they know what the result is going to be at the end of the book but I can guarantee that the story leading up to their untimely deaths will have readers drawn. The book teaches and reminds young adults to make every day count. “They both Die at the End” is a number one New York Times bestselling novel. It is in progress of being adapted as a TV series for eOne & Producer Drew Comins. Adam Silvera’s story about friendship, happiness, and grief is a book that everyone should read at least once.