“Pray for Paris”

Pray for Paris

Maggie Minas, Staff Writer

On November 13, 2015 the world came together to pray for the tragedy that occurred in Paris, France. Worldwide countries like The United States, Australia, Japan, Israel, Great Britain, Brazil, Slovakia, Canada, Germany, Taiwan, China, Mexico and New Zealand came together to show their solidarity. New York showed their support by lighting the top of the Empire State Building with France’s colors.

On Saturday, November 14 snapchat posted a story titled “Pray For Paris” which showed videos of the people all around the world coming together to send their condolences to the lives lost. It started out with an opening video in Berlin, Germany with people gathered around with flowers, and then continued in other cities like New York, London, and of course Paris.   These stories consisted of flowers and lighting of the candles to represent the lives lost during this tragedy.

This story was a wonderful idea in my opinion because it gave myself and many others the opportunity to watch countries come together to support and pray for such a tragedy worldwide, and show the impact that it had on many lives. It allowed for many people worldwide to see ways countries come together and it also showed a beneficial side of snapchat in the social media world.