Concert/Music Day Point Recap and Point Totals


Tuesday was band or concert tshirt day for Spirit Week. Students and teachers wore a t-shirt of their favorite band or a t-shirt from a concert.

A popular shirt many students wore was of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Teachers and students wore shirts of classic, well known bands, such as The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. There were shirts representing most genres of music, and some students wore shirts of their favorite solo artists.

Senior, Tommy Gehringer wore a sweatshirt with his band’s name, Monument of A Memory, and logo on it. He is the band’s vocalist.


Seniors: 400

Juniors: 500

Sophomores: 300

Freshmen: 200

8th grade: 100


1st    Seniors            900

1st     Juniors            900

3rd    Sophomores    600

4th    Freshmen        500

5th     8th grade        200