Tri-M sponsors No Shave November Fundraiser

Tri-M sponsors No Shave November Fundraiser

James Lawrence, music teacher and adviser of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, started a new tradition of No Shave November at Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School.  Before Nov. began, the group had surpassed its fundraising goal.

The fundraiser created a contest between the teachers who chose to participate. Each teacher involved was given a pin to show they were participation.  Then, each teacher was given a box to collect money towards the common goal.  As of Oct. 31, Tri-M met its goal of $600, before No Shave November technically began.

Lawrence was inspired to run this fundraiser as Nov. is a month dedicated to recognition of men’s cancer.  “Men’s cancer and music are a great alliteration,” said Lawrence.  “Sometimes these things in life are overlooked.  The money raised from this fundraiser will be split between the Tri-M and a men’s cancer research foundation.”

Teachers participating in this event are Principal Dr. Scott Cascone, music teachers Dan Peña and James Lawrence, technology teacher Dan Miller; math teachers, Robert Guy, Paul Flaherty, James Thomas, and Thomas Jarusiewicz; history teachers, Keith DeBlasio, and Charles Collis; Physics teacher Joseph Sasso, Physical Education teacher Michael Attanasio; and English teachers Ryan McGuirk and Brett Conrad.

The men in the competition have been talking up the contest through a shared email. Whichever teacher raises the most money individually will win a professional shave at the end of the month.

The only rule in the event is no shaving, only grooming and trimming.  The fundraiser will also award a prize to the teacher that makes the most money and McGuirk came out on top, winning a professional shave.  While there is no prize for the best facial hair, make sure to vote in the poll here on the Cardinal Chronicle.