Privilege is not always guaranteed!

Jaide Hinds-Clarke, Staff Writer

November 11, 2015

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As Benjamin Parker says, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Many seniors from Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School are finding this statement to be true, as they are quickly learning that senior privileges are teac...

The Dress Code: Is It Helping or Hurting?

Juli Lamparillo, Editor in Chief

October 29, 2014

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High school is the one place where, unfortunately, we cannot express ourselves through clothing. We are limited to what the dress code allows. In Westwood High School, the dress code, in my opinion, is very reasonable. There are...

Tattoos: An Expression of Art, Not Unprofessional

Juli Lamparillo, Features Editor

April 4, 2014

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Picture this: you’re sitting in an office waiting to be interviewed, when suddenly two men walk in. One of them is dressed in a business casual suit, looking very professional. The other is dressed similarly, but has tattoos...

The Struggle to Juggle

Erikka Chowdhury, Opinions Editor

October 30, 2013

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Managing both schoolwork and extracurricular activities is quite a tough job, but it certainly is not impossible. At Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School, there are numerous students that are enrolled in either Honors/A.P. classes....